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When you're looking for an amusement park provider, we invite you to consider Helm & Sons Amusements! We are professionals with over three decades of experience providing the best in amusement park services for Fairs of all sizes. We bring our experience, our employees and our proven methods to provide a premier amusement park to your event. Our number one job is to make your life easier. We'll take care of doing our job and doing it well to assure you as problem-free an event as possible and leave your guests saying ….WOW!.. It happens so often, in fact that we call that the Helms ‘WOW' Advantage. Here's what we bring to you:
  • Our management and owners ON SITE and available. Our full tilt Fair operations are the focus of what we do, not an afterthought. We know that to make it work right, our crew and our customers need communication with access to key personnel, so we make sure they are at your event.
  • We bring you a ride assortment and quality that will have you saying WOW too! The first LED-lit Century Wheel with a $100,000 light show built in, along with a Quarter Million dollars worth of shiny, glossy, artistic automobile-quality paint work on our inventory of rides.
  • In addition to the rides we bring an impeccable assortment of the best games and food in the industry, with support equipment of a caliber to match.

  • We bring you a crew that top to bottom and front-of-the-house to back is committed to safety and a WOW guest experience. They are uniformed, clean-cut and friendly.

  • We bring an attitude about safety that colors everything we do. From the type of rides we invest in to the Safety Program we sponsor, our midway, layout, our people, our equipment, our policies and everything we touch revolves around safety; not just ‘Safety First' but Safety First, Last and Throughout.

  • We bring you no-nonsense confidence in our staff. We require pre-employment and random drug testing. It's comprehensive and it's real.

  • We bring you innovation in ways you might not have thought of before. Ways to enhance your guest experience, to maximize their enjoyment and participation and how to do all that so customers want to buy more of what you're selling and then thank you for letting them.
  • We offer promotions, events and sponsor tie-in capabilities to create selling opportunities and goodwill for event sponsors. We're easy to work with and love to take on new challenges. If it wasn't such a cliché we'd tell you how great a win-win can be on your midway (PS: it really is great!).

  • Every event includes our full-time Customer Service operation where employees are empowered to ‘Make WOW now'. No stalling, no buck-passing. We fix it right the first time.

  • We bring our own beauty shop. Not for our hair, but for our parks. We include colorful entrances, greenery, plants, fountains and waterfalls. Done well, done right. It looks beautiful not phony. It lets people know that we care about our presentation and we care about how our parks look….why? Well, because WE DO CARE!

Helm & Sons Midway Helm & Sons Midway

  • We also bring areas for every age, style and excitement level. From our Cub Country for kids to the family, thrill and spectacular level, we've got it all.
  • Customer-friendly amenities are everywhere. Shade, benches, rest areas and friendly staff. The people at your events are our guests and we are delighted to have them visit our park.


We invite you again to consider partnering with us at your next event. We can prove to you that we can deliver on our Purple Promise and make you a believer in the Helms WOW Advantage!

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