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July 27, 2017

Statement Regarding Safety – Helm and Sons Amusements

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The Helm and Sons Amusements family is deeply saddened by the news of a tragic ride accident at the Ohio State Fair. Helm and Sons Amusements does not own a KMG Fireball ride. We do own and operate a ride with similar action known as the Star Dancer, manufactured by Technical Park. Upon learning of the news in Ohio our technicians and safety team thoroughly re-inspected our Star Dancer. We found no issues with our ride and are continuing to operate it. We will continue our policy of daily inspections.

The Star Dancer has a different structural design and is balanced, secured, and built differently. We chose the Star Dancer for that reason. The Star Dancer has undergone its annual inspection from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health and has received an A permit.

All rides on Helm and Sons Amusements midway are inspected daily without exception. Any issue is immediately addressed and all inspections, maintenance, and repairs are documented.

While we understand the concerns of fair guests and parents of children riding rides at the Fair we can assure you that Safety is our number one priority and that every possible precaution has been taken on the Helm and Sons Amusements midway to ensure your safety and comfort. 

Helm and Sons is a family owned company and everyday our children and granchildren are riding alongside our guests.. We would not take any action if we thought it would endanger our family or yours.

Helm and Sons Amusements believes that Safety starts at hiring; is constantly reinforced; never takes a day off; is foremost when purchasing new equipment; is the responsibility of everyone; is the foundation for a successful operation and is absolute with no exceptions.

Helm and Sons Amusements believes that to ensure safe operation every aspect of the company must be understood by all employees, and that programs designed to guard against unsafe acts, behaviors, and operation must be constantly practiced and updated.  Safe operation begins at hiring and continues every hour of every day.  Helm and Sons Amusements has, by any measure, the safest portable amusement park operation in California.

Safety is Helm and Sons upmost priority and permeates throughout every aspect of our company. From decisions regarding which rides to purchase and which events to participate in, to implementing multiple daily breaks to battle fatigue, safety is always at the forefront of our policies and decision making. Helm and Sons Amusements employees are reminded daily that you never get a second chance with an incident. Prevention is the only option. 

An accident on any amusement ride is a terrible thing, in the outdoor amusement business we are constantly reminded that life is precious. Our hearts are heavy for the loss of life and we wish the injured a speedy and complete recovery. 

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